Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dayton High School Track and Field

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This blog is to provide a way for past, present, and future Track Athletes to be able to access information related to the Track and Field Program. Please email Coach Spink any additions and or changes to any of the below track records or list of state champions.

Any suggestions to make this site more useful will also be appreciated.

Thanks, Coach Spink

List of 2013 Coaches
Scott Spink (distance and relays)
Steve Turner (pole vault)
Megan Shirley (sprints and jumps)
Todd Shirley (javelin)
Hal Tanaka (hurdles)
Lenny McKenzie (JH)
KaLyne Bales (JH)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Track Records

100 Boys
100 Girls
200 Boys
200 Girls
110/100 Hurdles
300 Hurdles
4X100 Relay
4X400 Relay
Long Jump
Triple Jump
High Jump
Pole Vault
Javelin Boys
Javelin Girls
Shot Put